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Storage Solutions

DC Movers Washington is a complete moving services company. In addition to transporting your belongings from one place to another, we also offer storage space at excellent prices.
Throughout the DC Metro area, and also throughout MD, VA, we have over 50, 000 sq. ft. of space in our warehouses, as well as a fleet of trucks, employees, and specialized moving equipment ready to serve you. DC Movers Washington’s storage is the perfect solution for bulky or little used items, or when you are in transition before settling down at your new home or office. When you arrange moving with DC Movers Washington anywhere in DC, MD, or VA, you can simultaneously request certain items to be transported to storage.

6′ x 10′ Storage Room

Miscellaneous storage Up to 2 rooms.

9′ x 11′ Storage Room

1-2 Bedroom Home (Up to 1,200 sq. ft.)

7′ x 13′ Storage Room

1-3 Bedroom Home (Up to 1500 sq. ft.)

11′ x 17′ Storage Room

2-3 Bedroom Home (1,500 – 2,500 sq. ft.)

Your belongings can even be tracked as they are transported in one of our navigation system equipped trucks and distribution centers.

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